Which Hosting Should you Choose for your Online Business?

Which Hosting Should you Choose for your Online Business?

When launching a business niche, idea or a new product, the success of your business depend on your product, your marketing strategies, and how well you know your customers. However, when it comes to online business, there are two more critical factors that needs to be put into consideration if you want to succeed and stand out among your competitors. First, the choice of Top level domain (tld) of your business and second, your web-hosting (type and service provider). 

When choosing a Top level domain (tld), it is important to chose a tld that goes in line with the niche of business you are promoting or running. For example, if you are planning to launch a store, it is more advisable to go for a tld such .shop or .store, while if it is a tech store or a tech blog, then definitely a tech labeled domain name like .tech or .technology will fit in correctly in this scenario. This specialized domain name makes it easy for your customers to know what your online business it all about in just a glance and also it will boost your SEO ranking.

As for your website-hosting, there are many web-hosting options available and it can be slightly overwhelming and confusing for less tech savvy business owners which to choose. This article is written to help you understand which hosting you should choose for your online business. So let us dig in without any further ado.web-

First things first, let us see the various types of hosting options available today:

Oops! already feeling confused? Do not!, i will break this down into a very simple tabular form for you to understand easily.

Before we delve deep into all these web-hosting options. Let us first figure out which web-hosting is the best for you, for this we will consider ‘website traffic’ as our metric.

If your website traffic falls under the range of: 

# Traffic Range Type Go for this
1 5k – 10k visitors/day New SMB/blog Shared Hosting
2 >10k and 30k visitors/day A high surge in traffic Cloud Hosting
3 >30k visitors/day Steady traffic VPS Hosting
4 >10k and 30k visitors/day Medium-large business Dedicated Hosting
5 5k – 10k visitors/day CMS based website eg: WordPress CMS Based Hosting

cloud hosting shared hosting

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